Design Catalogs

Beelart Embroidery and Screen Printing believes in making you the designer.

With over 20,000 designs, our catalog comes equipped with specialty images and logos that appeal to whatever your heart desires.

Throughout Corvallis and Junction City, Oregon, Beelart has helped creativity reemerge as a household name. Even more, our new crystal transfer machine makes long, arduous crystal transfers outdated. Now, you send in any custom artwork and receive a price quote that is quick and affordable.

Many of our clients enjoy flipping through our three design catalogs in search of the perfect fit. Every order is given our sincere attention knowing you are on the other side. Call with your favorite idea or maybe just one of many. There is no rush when it comes to your style and personality.

Beelart believes what you wear is an extension of who you are.

Contact us today for any additional inquiries or feedback! Have a wonderful day.

Dakota Collectables Catalog

Dog Designs

Great Notions Catalog